Although security is essential for all businesses, some industries are more appealing to burglars than others. As a result, these businesses may need additional security to keep their inventory safe. Learn what qualities attract would-be criminals when they’re targeting businesses.

Qualities That Burglars Look for When Targeting Businesses

There are a lot of factors that go into a burglar’s decision to target a business. It heavily depends on the burglar’s motive and what they want to steal. Sometimes they’re looking for a quick cash grab, while other times there’s a particular item of interest. Here are four qualities of a business that will most likely attract burglars:

1. Cash Heavy

Cash is often the primary target for thieves. Intuitively, you would suspect that a bank would be the ideal target location for criminals. However, these are often high-risk, low-reward scenarios, as most banks are heavily monitored and have on-site security personnel. Most low-level criminals would avoid banks due to the inherent risk.

In actuality, burglars like to target convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarkets because they often have cash registers and don’t have as many stringent security measures in place to deter them. These locations are ideal for individuals looking for a quick cash grab and who want to avoid unnecessary risks.

2. Valuable and Resellable Items

If a burglar isn’t looking for money, they often target a specific items. Jewelry stores are incredibly popular targets for criminals because jewelry is valuable, popular, and easy to carry out of the store.

Electronics stores and retail outlets are also heavily targeted businesses. Burglars often target valuable items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, charging equipment, designer clothing, and expensive footwear because, like jewelry, these items are small and easy to steal.

Once a criminal breaks in, they tend to grab as many items as possible, as quickly as they can. Then, they sort through the stolen goods and sell them for a profit. However, sometimes burglars want items they can use personally, making pharmacies and liquor stores other common targets.

3. Late Night Hours or Open 24/7

The daytime is more-risky for burglars targeting a business because there are often more people around and more traffic when they try to escape, making the night much more ideal time to attack. Not only are there fewer people around, but there is usually less staff around as well.

Businesses that are open late and also check one of the boxes above are at a much higher risk of burglary. These include bars, late-night restaurants, nightclubs, food trucks, movie theaters, etc.

4. Weak Security Measures

Burglaries are often planned and rarely done spontaneously. One thing that heavily factors into an individual’s decision to target a business or not is the security measures in place. If the risk-to-reward is too high, they will most likely move on to another target. However, if someone does try to attack a business, a robust security network can help catch the thief in the act or shortly after they escape. Some common security measures that can help deter theft include:

  • Video surveillance keeps an eye on your business when you’re not there. Catch and deter criminals by installing surveillance cameras throughout your business. Place cameras around your building’s perimeter, particularly near entrances and windows. Also, consider inside areas where criminals are most drawn, such as cash registers, safes, and inventory rooms.
  • Monitored alarms alert you if an intruder attempts to break into your business. An alarm is triggered and a signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center then notifies you and the proper authorities of the incident.
  • Mobile solutions that allow you to manage your security system from your computer or smartphone.
  • Window-break sensors trigger an alarm when the glass they’re monitoring is broken or the window is opened.
  • Door sensors sound an alarm when a door is opened.
  • Image sensors are activated by motion and capture images if someone is inside a monitored area.

Don’t let your business fall victim to petty thieves and criminals. Partnering with a trusted security vendor is the best way to ensure your business is secure. Vector Security can survey and install security solutions that best fit your business needs, layout, and budget. For more information about our products and service, feel free to contact us today.