It’s natural for a burglar to break into a business at night because it’s dark and people generally aren’t working after hours. To protect your business from burglars after you lock up, consider the following safety equipment recommendations:

1. Video Monitoring

Video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your business when you’re not there.

An effective way to catch and deter criminals is by installing surveillance cameras throughout your business. Consider placing cameras:

  • Outside around the building’s perimeter, particularly near entrances and windows.
  • Inside your business near places criminals would be most drawn to, such as cash registers, safes and inventory rooms.

Choose a video monitoring system that gives you access to footage remotely. Mobile solutions allow you check in on your business anytime, from anywhere. They also let you set alerts if motion is detected. That way, if you’re home asleep, your phone will awaken you if unusual activity is sensed.

2. Monitored Alarms

A monitoring center is a key factor to consider when selecting an alarm system—particularly for off-hours monitoring or times when you may not be available.

If an intruder attempts to break into your business, an alarm is triggered and a signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center then notifies you and the proper authorities of the incident. This is helpful because it guarantees someone is watching your business 24/7, even if you are unable.

In addition to one that has a monitoring center, consider choosing alarm systems that:

  • Emits visual and audible alarms to ward off intruders onsite.
  • Incorporate mobile capabilities, which allow you to arm and disarm the system though your mobile device.

3. Sensors

Sensors can be utilized to add an extra security layer to protect your business. There are different types of sensors used for varying purposes.

  • Window-break sensors trigger an alarm when the glass they’re monitoring is broken or the window opened.
  • Door sensors sound an alarm when a door is opened.
  • Image sensors are activated by motion and capture images if someone is inside a monitored area.

Use the equipment listed in this post as a guide to help keep you and your business safe after closing time.