Approximately 79.7 million households in the United States have pets. As temperatures rise during the summer, most pet owners will take additional measures to keep their animals safe.

Installing a home automation system is an excellent way to keep tabs on your pets while away and ensure they’re comfortable despite the heat. 

Below are a few home security features that could help pet owners care for their animals during the warmer months.

Install Home Security Cameras

A home security camera system gives you the ability to check where your pet is and what they are doing, even when you are not home.

Monitor pets from your computer or mobile device to identify in real time changes to behavior or symptoms that might be a result of excessive heat or humidity. Watch for behaviors such as excessive drooling and panting, staggering or seizures. Also take note of where your pets are spending the most time (e.g., near vents or open windows).

Utilize Smart Home Automation Thermostats

Even when away, make sure that you keep your home cool for the summer. While you may not be in the house all day, it’s unfair to leave your pets in the heat. It’s recommended that your thermostat be set between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A smart home automation thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature remotely via your mobile phone to provide comfort and safety for your pet.

Take Additional Safety Precautions

You’ll most likely be spending more time outside during the summer. Consider some precautionary measures to ensure your pet stays cool.

  • Don’t shave them. Contrary to popular belief, longer hair provides better circulation and helps your pets better regulate their body temperatures.
  • Lather them up. Skin cancer is most common in cats and dogs. Apply animal-friendly sunscreen periodically where your pet’s skin is visible.
  • Walk when it’s cooler. Heat and humidity peak between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. To mitigate health complications, let your pets out in the morning or evening.
  • Watch for heat stroke. With the summer heat, your pet is more susceptible to overheating. Dry or red gums, heavy panting, lethargy and/or unstable legs are signs that you should take immediate action.

It takes little time for an animal to become overheated. Act proactively and keep a close eye to ensure that your pet is safe and cool this summer.

How do you plan on keeping your pets cool and safe this summer? Share in the comment section below.