The number of seniors citizens is growing at a staggering rate, thanks to advancements in medicine and technology. According to the USA Today, one in eight (13%) Americans are over the age of 65. As Baby Boomers climb into these ranks, the numbers are expected to jump to one in five (19.3%) by 2030.

With the rise of senior Baby Boomers comes also a shift in perspectives and behaviors, unlike past generations.  According to Connected World, “This is not a generation of going to the doctor to get well. They want to stay well at home, and engaging them to self-manage and participate in their care is key to healthy aging-in-place.” They are also much more tech savvy than past counterparts.

For these reaseons, personal emergency response systems (PERS) may be an effective solution to give Baby Boomers the indepence they thrive on, while meeting their needs for safety and convienence.

Safeguard Today’s Seniors

PERS are portable “help” buttons that can be worn on your wrist or neck, attached to a keychain or placed in your pocket. If seniors need help due to a fall or medical problem, they simply push the button to be connected to an operator—no matter what time of day. If the button wasn’t hit in error, the monitoring center will notify medical or emergency personnel, as appropriate, to ensure help is on the way.

The result is 24/7 peace of mind for both seniors and their caretakers. In fact, almost half of all PERS are purchased by adult children or other caregivers for the end user.

Future Senior Safety

Both seniors and their caretakers are growing in tech-savviness, which directly impacts the PERS market. As explained in Aging in Place Technology Watch, the growing availability of features such as fall detection, mobile applications, vital sign monitoring and GPS tracking are allowing for added PERS capabilities, and even more secure lifestyles. To provide for those that require more than just a panic button, Vector Security is currently testing products around these features.

To Sum it Up

As you age, your security needs change. PERS enables seniors to keep independence while ensuring safety and security.