According to OSHA, companies must maintain a safe work environment for employees and customers. However, many business owners fail to realize that a safe work environment also extends to the parking lot.

Businesses are liable for any accidents on company property, including parking lots. To help prevent parking lot accidents and injuries, here are parking lot safety tips for employers to follow:

Install Signage to Dictate Traffic Flow

Many parking lots are small, cramped quarters with a lot of inbound and outbound traffic. People are constantly pulling in, backing up, and pedestrians can be walking through lanes at any time. 

Navigating parking lots can be particularly dangerous if they have one way lanes. Things can go south rather quickly when an unsuspecting driver is rounding the corner while driving in the wrong direction.

Regardless if it is a one-way or two-way parking lot, you should have painted arrows to dictate the proper traffic flow. Likewise, you want to mark all entrances and exits, as well as clearly indicate any pedestrian crosswalk areas.

Have an Adequate Drainage System in Place

One way to make a parking lot more dangerous is to have large amounts of standing water or ice present. Hydroplaning in a cramped space like a parking lot is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention, water and ice are sliding hazards for both pedestrians and drivers.

To help mitigate water and ice accumulation, have an adequate drainage system in place. Storm drains shouldn’t be near pedestrian areas to prevent slips. It is also important to clean them intermittently to prevent buildup.

Have a Structured Maintenance Program

Along with cleaning storm drains, have a concise parking lot maintenance program in place. For instance, you should salt icy areas whenever they arise, replace light bulbs whenever they go dim or die, and remove any debris that has fallen.  

You should also set aside a budget for larger repairs, such as fixing potholes, depressions, cracks, and repaving the entire lot. A well-paved parking lot will last you about 20 years. So, if your parking lot is in desperate need of repaving, it is essential to set aside enough money in advance for the project.

Establish Parking Lot Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Drivers

If operating a corporate office, it is beneficial to educate employees on best practices for maintaining parking lot safety as a pedestrian and driver. These include:

  • Minimizing distractions, such as wearing headphones, talking on the cellphone, texting, etc.
  • Parking too close to other vehicles
  • Not going over the parking lot speed limit
  • Being cautious when navigating through the lot, especially in garages
  • Locking and closing all windows and doors when leaving the vehicle
  • Being vigilant during inclement weather
  • Spotting suspicious vehicles or people
  • Parking in a well-lit area when it’s dark

To educate established employees and new hires on parking lot safety, you can set up an online training course, in-person meeting, or have it become part of the onboarding process.

Utilize a Security System

A great way to keep your parking lot, building, employees, and customers safe is by utilizing a security system. Setup automated lights that come on when the sun goes down. You can also include security cameras to capture and record any incidents that occur, as well as motion sensors to notify you of any activity after hours. 

Want to learn more about keeping your parking lot and business secure? Contact a Vector Security expert today.