We understand that owning your own business is hard work and demands a majority of your time. So, you may have missed one of our top business security blog posts from 2018. Our experts covered an assortment of topics on our business security blog in 2018, and compiled a list of our readers’ favorite business security posts.

Take a look at the top 10 business security blog posts from 2018 below.

Readers’ Favorite Business Security Posts in 2018

  1. Hospital Security: Structure for HIPPA Compliance
    Before you can implement security equipment needed to individuals safe, you must consider Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. This post outlines those critical considerations that help hospitals properly assess their IT and security equipment needs against HIPAA regulations.
  2. How to Avoid DVRs from Overheating
    Heat is the prime culprit in digital video recorder (DVR) failures. Find out how your business can avoid overheating to prolong the life of your DVR and provide enhanced security through video surveillance.
  3. HD Over Coax vs. IP Cameras: Choosing Your Path to the Best Resolution
    Determining the best type of surveillance equipment for you can be confusing. Understand the pros and cons of HD over Coax and how it compares to IP surveillance.
  4. How to Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Liabilities
    Understand necessary surveillance camera requirements before installation to avoid legal liabilities later.
  5. How to Select the Right Fire and Smoke Detectors for Your Business
    Many businesses never recover from a natural disaster, such as a fire. But, with smoke and fire detectors, you can prevent damage. This post explains how you can choose the best fire and smoke detectors for your business.
  6. Business Security: How to Stay Safe During an Armed Robbery
    These top tips will tell you what to do if an armed intruder threatens the safety of your business and your employees.
  7. Prevention and Detection: Does Your Business Need IPS, IDS or Both?
    Learn the differences and benefits associated with intrusion protection systems (IPS) and intrusion detection systems (IDS).
  8. Business Surveillance Systems: Proper Placement and Setup
    Are your security cameras placed in the right areas? If not, your business might not be as protected as you think. This post provides tips for businesses looking to enhance security through proper video surveillance camera positioning and setup.
  9. Medical Equipment Storage: Tips for Proper Protection
    Without proper protection in place, medication and medical equipment can fall into the wrong hands. Here is how your healthcare institution can provide extra protection for areas that contain medicine and equipment.
  10. How to Properly Monitor Your Self-Storage Facility
    Your customers pay good money to secure their belongings. Use these tips to help them rest easy knowing their items are secured at your facility.