From child safety locks to baby gates, the average homeowner spends $453 on babyproofing gear and installation, according to Home Advisor.

And yet, parents still worry about their infant’s safety. As one mom explained to HuffPost Parents, her biggest fear was “keeping the baby safe … and alive.”

Smart nursery devices can help create a more secure environment for your baby, while adding convenience and peace of mind for parents.

1. Home Security Camera Systems

Home security cameras provide the perfect means to check in on your baby without physically entering his or her room. If your child starts to cry or you hear movement, simply switch on the camera to monitor activity and determine if intervention is needed.

Invest in specialized video baby monitors or let your existing home security cameras double in this role. Instead of relying solely on a video handset, some options let you view and control cameras via your mobile device or watch streaming video live from your TV.

2. Home Automation Thermostat

An overheated nursery increases your baby’s chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs). To ensure your nursery stays a safe 68-degrees, install a home automation thermostat to monitor and adjust room temperature remotely via your smartphone.

For even greater sophistication, pair the thermostat with a device like Mimo that monitors your baby’s sleep patterns, temperature, activity and more. If your baby’s temperature is detected high, log in to your automated thermostat to cool the room.

3. Home Light Automation

Newborns wake often in the middle of the night for feedings, diaper changes or just plain fussiness. Automating your nursery lights can make these nighttime rituals more bearable. Instead of entering a dark room and stumbling around to find the necessary bottle or pacifier, trigger a dim glow upon entry. This lets you navigate the room with ease without further disturbing your infant.

Lights can also be synced with your baby’s schedule. For example, pre-set lights to gradually brighten when you’d like your baby to wake up in the morning or from a nap.

4. Sensors

Motion sensors for the home can be great in the nursery. They can alert you if your child has climbed out of his or her crib, or if an unusual presence is sensed in the room.

When paired with other home security technologies discussed above, they can prove even more beneficial—triggering lights or cameras based on activity.

With smart technology in tow, new parents can more easily monitor their child’s wellbeing, reduce worry and simplify everyday childrearing activities.

How have you automated your baby’s nursery? Share in the comments below.