Interactive home security solutions are quickly gaining mainstream adoption. With the right technology, homeowners can access and control their security systems remotely from their desktops or smartphones, providing added peace of mind and convenience, wherever they are.

Forgot to activate your system before leaving? No worries. Log in from your phone to turn it on, instead of turning the car around. Wondering if your kids made it home from school or whether your pet is behaving? Simply pull up your home security cameras online. These are just a few examples of what is possible.

Our new ebook, Mobile Home Security Solutions: Starter Guide, provides a detailed look at interactive home security solutions, applications and technologies.

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The ebook dives into the following topics, for an all-in-one guide to mobile home security.

  • Market Landscape: The rise of smartphones and tablets, demise of landlines, and availability of cost-effective solutions are driving the demand for mobile.
  • Mobile Home Security Capabilities: Mobile home security systems provide an array of added capabilities that your standard system lacks. A few of our customers’ favorites include remote access, streaming video, location-based services, real-time alerts and home automation.
  • Mobile Solutions and You: Wondering how mobile home security fits into your life for greater safety and convenience? We'll walk you through a day in the life of a hypothetical family to demonstrate.
  • How the Technologies Work: Understand how interactive security systems work, from the assessment to installation to ongoing monitoring.
  • Interactive Security Purchasing Tips: Sold on the benefits of interactive home security, and looking to purchase? Use our seven-point checklist to help you compare vendors.

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