Manage Your Home Improvement Project with Smart Tech

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Manage Your Home Improvement Project with Smart Tech

HGTV makes home improvement look easy. However, welcoming construction workers and contractors into your household can pose risks.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, home improvement and construction ranked second in its list of the top complaints filed to state and local consumer protection agencies.

Prevent home improvement calamaties with smart home technology. Remotely manage locks, arm and disarm security controls, and employ video monitoring to manage your remodeling project.

Access Control

Use access control technologies to let contractors in your home remotely through your mobile application, or to provide them with unique user codes to disarm your security panel. User codes can be deleted upon project completion, and programmed to only work during set time periods.

In addition, keep a pulse on contractor access with mobile alerts. Receive smartphone notifications when your home improvement team uses their designated access codes. This allows you track if workers arrive on time, and serves as a reminder to check in and ensure the project is running smoothly.

Video Monitoring

With video monitoring, view a live feed throughout the day. Check on project progress, and keep tabs on the construction team’s efficiency. Adjust camera views directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet to clearly monitor activity throughout your home.

Contractors are more likely to behave professionally and complete a task as specified if they know they are being monitored. If damage or theft occurs during a remodel, refer to recorded clips from your feed to ensure the correct parties are held accountable.

The Ultimate in Home Improvement

Installing smart home technology is a method of home improvement in itself. Before starting your next major remodel or home addition, implement smart home security to capitalize on the benefits outlined above.

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