Geofencing allows you to define geographical barriers and associate them with specific home automation actions. It’s a virtual boundary, in which smart home rules and notifications can be based.

Homeowners use this technology to set up simulated fields around their houses or neighborhoods.

This allows them to receive mobile alerts the moment loved ones enter or exit the area, arm and disarm their home security systems, activate lights, adjust heating and cooling units, and control video surveillance based on their smartphone’s location.

Imagine the possibilities geofencing capabilities can provide your family.

Your Smart Home Just Got Smarter

Your smart home’s thermostat, lights, appliances and security system can all be synced with your geofence, and pre-set according to your family’s schedule and preferences. For example, when all family members’ mobile phones have ventured outside the home, your geofence can set the alarm, lower the thermostat, and turn off lights and unnecessary appliances.

When synced to a geofence, a smart home can operate at its full potential. The geofence’s invisible barrier allows your family to come and go freely, adjusting smart functionalities automatically when family members enter or exit set limits.

As a homeowner, you’ll never have to wonder if you left the oven on or forgot to turn down the air conditioning. Your family can arrive home from dinner to a well lit home, with its temperature already adjusted to your preferences and alarm system disarmed.

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It’s All About The Kids

Many children and teens are now accustomed to carrying and using a mobile phone. A recent survey found that most children get their first cell phone around six years of age. Most parents surveyed said they chose to provide their youngster with a phone for “security reasons, so my child could always contact me.”

Arm your family with an added layer of security with geofencing to keep track of when your children come and go. Know the exact moment your child arrives home from school, practice or a music lesson. You can also establish a geofence around your neighborhood to ensure your child doesn’t roam outside the agreed safety zone.

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Pets Are Family, Too

Smart pet tracking allows homeowners to keep track of their pet’s activity, health and whereabouts through a mobile app connected to a smart dog collar. Know the instant your lovable pooch chases a squirrel outside your home’s perimeter.

If your dog is lost, the tracker will follow the pet’s position through GPS, allowing you to locate your dog quickly.

This technology is particularly helpful for families who are training a vivacious puppy, or those that look after a dog with special needs. As for actually catching the enthusiastic pup, you might need to take matters into your own hands.

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Geofencing allows smart home capabilities to sync with the needs and schedule of the whole family. The result? Heightened safety features, lower energy costs, and greater comfort and peace of mind.

Image Source: Sebastien Gabriel, image modified by PR 20/20