Luckily, there are ways to keep your home at the perfect temperature, cost effectively.

1. Invest in an Energy Management System

Keeping the air conditioning on all day can be expensive and unnecessary. Instead, use an energy management solution, which offers security, accessibility and convenient living through remote access and mobile technologies.

With scheduled timers and remote access, homeowners can manage energy consumption from afar and maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply schedule your air conditioning to turn on when you know you’ll be home, or login via your smart phone or computer to turn the system on and off; or adjust to the desired temperature in real time.

Automated temperature control can significantly decrease your energy bill and help you live a greener lifestyle.

2. Maintain Your A/C Unit

A well-maintained air conditioning system will run more efficiently and cost you less than a poorly maintained one. The good news: maintenance of these machines can be done with ease in little time. To keep your air conditioning running in good condition:

3. Take Steps to Avoid Extra Heat

During the summer, try to avoid appliances that expel heat, such as ovens, stoves and hair dryers. Tip: To reasonably avoid heat in the kitchen, elect to use the outdoor grill more often.

Furthermore, check to see that all windows are tightly sealed when closed. This will prevent cool air from leaking out of the house.

Much of the home’s heat is sourced from direct sunlight. To mitigate this, take steps to shield your home from the sun through strategically planted foliage and the use of drapes and shades.

Enjoy the heat outside and the cool inside all without spending a fortune.

What steps do you take to keep your home cool?

Image Source: Bobistraveling via Flickr