Chances are your home already has enough gadgets and remote controls for you to lose in the couch cushions.

A user-friendly home security system helps you get the most out of your equipment. Security vendors should provide easy-to-navigate websites, apps and equipment that make securing your home a seamless part of your day.

Complicated control panels make it difficult to stop your beeping alarm, and tempt users to neglect arming their homes.

Signs of a User Friendly Home Security System

Look for a vendor that offers a single app and easy-to-navigate website to control your entire home security system. Here are some key features to look for from your provider:

  • One app to update – A single app saves time and is easier to maintain.
  • Clean dashboard with an overview – Your home security app and website should display the status of your home’s alarm, sensors, locks, garage door, cameras and thermostats on one view. A single view makes for a simple experience.
  • Simple, multi-functional alarm panel – Choose an alarm panel designed for ease of use, and make sure you can arm and disarm your system in three clicks or less.
  • Mobile accessibility – Connect your home security to your mobile device to check on your home anytime and anywhere for optimal simplicity.
  • Notifications – Receive alerts on your mobile device when your home is experiencing activity. Keep tabs on your home with a quick glance.

How To Do More Than Secure Your Home

For a truly user-friendly home security system, you need options to incorporate smart home technology. Smart lights, garages, thermostats, doorbell cameras and locks should easily incorporate with your home security system app and website. These aspects of your home can be automated, and so can your home security. Keep them all connected so your home functions seamlessly as an ecosystem instead of a slew of Internet-enabled devices.

Incorporating voice-activated technology can make your system even more user-friendly. Devices such as Amazon Echo can connect to your home security system so you can command your system without lifting a finger.