According to Gartner, a typical family home could contain 500 smart devices by the year 2022.

Smart homes connect multiple devices, from lights to locks, to increase convenience, reduce energy costs, save time and support flexible schedules. But is a smart home the right option for your family?

Before purchasing smart home equipment, follow the checklists provided below to properly evaluate your needs and options.

How Will My Family Benefit From a Smart Home?

Smart home devices can be installed throughout multiple areas of your home. From bedrooms to kitchens to entertainment rooms, the options to enhance your home with connected devices are endless. But how can they specifically benefit everyday life?

Here are some key benefits smart home equipment can provide you. How many apply to your family’s needs?

  • Check in on your kids, pets or elderly relatives while you are away. Stream live and archived video footage from your smartphone, tablet or laptop while you are at work or running errands to check-in on family members.
  • Decrease the risk of break-ins. A burglary occurs every 14.1 seconds. With smart home equipment, such as smart locks or remote access to alarms, you can gain increased visibility and notifications as to who is coming and going at your home.
  • Increase convenience. Make your life a little bit easier by adding convenience to even the simplest day-to-day activities. Turn your stove on or adjust the thermostats without having to move to another floor or room.
  • Reduce energy costs. Smart home equipment can help increase energy efficiency. For example, homeowners that use smart thermostats save around $180 per year.
  • Save time and increase flexibility. Smart home devices can easily adapt to your family’s schedules to save time. Never worry about running back home to check the stove or lights again. With remote capabilities, turn off devices with the click of a button.
  • Set specific times for people to enter you home. Eliminate the need to give children or neighbors keys, with the potential they may get lost or stolen. Set specific times for garage doors or locks, so your kids can enter after school or neighbors can check on pets while you are on vacation.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Purchasing?

As demonstrated above, smart homes can provide multiple benefits for you and your family. However, prior to adding smart home devices to your home, ask the following:

  • What is my budget?
  • How affordable are smart home devices?
  • What is the upkeep for maintaining equipment?
  • Are devices compatible with existing networks and security equipment?
  • How much equipment should I purchase to meet my family’s specific needs?
  • What qualifications should I look for in a vendor?
  • What specifically do I want to be able to control remotely?
  • How many devices can I control at once?
  • Will my vendor provide professional installation?
  • Can my smart home devices communicate with one another?
  • What type of security measures will I need to ensure my equipment is safe?