Scenes let you control multiple home automation events simultaneously with one command, instead of updating each device individually.

Scenes help you customize your home automation system to your unique schedule or desired mood.

Pick from pre-built scenes provided by your vendor or build your own to meet your needs.

Examples of some home automation scenes are below:

1. Away

Before leaving the home, set the “away” mode to:

2. Coming Home

Alternately, if coming home, a pre-configured scene can:

  • Turn off home security system.
  • Turn on hallway lights when the door opens.
  • Turn up air conditioning/heat to optimal temperature.
  • Unlock door when the garage opens.

3. Sleep

Before going to bed, set your home to the most favorable sleep conditions:

  • Activate video surveillance cameras.
  • Close garage.
  • Lock doors.
  • Turn off main lights; turn on bedside table lights.
  • Turn on home security system.
  • Use temperature sensors in the bedroom for optimal temperature.
  • Use motion sensor in bathroom for lights. 

4. Morning

Have your home switch to a “morning” scene at a certain time each day:

  • Gradually turn on bedroom lights (from dim to full strength).
  • Use full home sensors for optimal temperature.

5. Baby Mode

Have a little one at home? Make nighttime feedings and naptimes a breeze with a pre-configured “baby” scene:

  • Gradually turn on nursery lights (from dim to full strength) at set times.
  • Turn on soothing music or white noise.
  • Use motion sensors in hallways for dimmed lights.

6. Party Mode

If having friends over for a rowdy, fun-filled night, consider this scene:

  • Turn on indoor lights.
  • Turn on outdoor front porch light.
  • Turn on party music.

7. Chill Mode

Want to snuggle on the couch and watch some TV? Configure a scene for the perfect lazy night:

  • Dim lights in living room.
  • Turn off lights in other rooms.
  • Use living room sensor for optimal temperature.

Scenes can be set up and customized based on your family’s unique needs. Work with a trusted vendor to seamlessly integrate home automation into your life.