What if you could turn on your kitchen lights or air conditioning with a simple voice command?

It’s possible if you pair your smart lights and thermostat with Amazon Echo’s voice control technology. Here’s how it works.

Name and Group Devices

When configuring your devices to Amazon Echo, group like items together under one name to streamline your commands and create greater convenience.

For example, if you have several smart lights in your family room, group and name them “family room lights” in your Amazon Echo app. This way, you can tell Alexa (Amazon Echo’s voice service) to “turn on family room lights” versus having to individually name each light bulb. You can also set specific modes for that same group of lights. Maybe “family room chill” dims the lights perfect for nighttime movie viewing, where “family room guest” illuminates all lights for a welcoming feel.

In naming your groups, Amazon Echo recommends:

  • A different name for each group.
  • Names with two to three syllables for Alexa to recognize easier.

Think about how you typically use your lights and thermostat in everyday scenarios, and build your groups in the app to match your lifestyle.

Say the Command

Once your smart devices are synced with Amazon Echo, turning them on and off is as simple as saying the pre-set command out loud. Alexa is command specific, not voice specific, so anybody saying the right phrase can unlock the action.

This makes it super convenient to change settings without needing to manually flip a switch or pull out your smartphone. Imagine how useful that could be if your hands are full (example: you just came in the door with groceries) or you are in the midst of doing something else—like cooking, cleaning or watching TV.

Image Source: Guillermo Fernandes