Installing a functioning home security system involves much more than connecting a few wires. Proper setup includes:

  • Picking the correct equipment based on the surrounding environment. This involves visibility, weather conditions and coverage area.
  • Positioning equipment to reduce vulnerabilities associated with camera angles, sensor placement and wire configurations.
  • Maintaining equipment to prevent outages, damages and susceptibility.

Don’t attempt setup alone. A trusted partner can help you assess, purchase, install and maintain your system.

To emphasize the importance of professional installation, we spoke with one of our own security technicians, Nick Kearney. With over 15 years of experience working in the security industry, Nick is well-versed in residential security system installation.

Q: Can you walk us through a typical home security installation?

Typically, my workday starts the night before when I get my work orders for the next day. Once I find out whose system I’m installing, I text or call the customer to introduce myself, confirm the appointment and estimate my arrival time.

Upon arrival, I’m wearing my uniform and I show my badge when I greet the customer. I overview what I’ll be doing during the appointment, such as installing the system, answering questions, making suggestions and completing a site survey.

Prior to getting started, I walk them through the work order. If it’s a new install, I always ask how many doors lead outside. From there, I talk about placement with motion detectors. I make suggestions as far as additional equipment that I feel the homeowner may need from a professional standpoint to fully secure the home.

I then bring my tools, accessories and devices inside to install the system. Once I finish installing the system, I send test signals to make sure the system works.

Finally, I’ll have the customer download the Vector Security App so I can overview how it works. I ask the customer to log in to their Internet account so I can verify the provider and upload speed. I then walk the customer through how to set up a user name and password for their Vector Security App.

Q: How long does a home security installation typically take?

It varies depending on the system and the customer, but a basic system takes no more than three to four hours.

Q: Do customers typically have an idea of where they want their equipment to go or do they rely heavily on your expertise?

It’s a mix of both. Most of the time, when I arrive, they have already spoken with a salesperson on the general layout of their home and where their security equipment should be installed. From there I provide my expertise based on the installation recommendations they received from the salesperson. I like to think of it as my house and how I would like to secure it.

Q: What is the biggest mistake a homeowner makes when purchasing security equipment?

Underestimating the amount of security coverage you can have in your home. You have to think like a burglar. Burglars come in through doors and windows. I’ve seen both. You shouldn’t invest in a system that only secures your doors. Don’t cut yourself short as far as security goes.

Q: Why is professional installation so critical for an effective security system?

I like to compare home security systems to my car. If I need a car repair, I’m not going to work on it myself. I’ll have an expert do it correctly, protecting my investment.

Also, professional security companies provide warranties that usually cover a majority of the parts if they malfunction, which isn’t always true for some do-it-yourself security providers.

Q: What advice would you give homeowners investing in a security system?

Get a professional system that is covered by a service agreement. You don’t want to get an alarm system that doesn’t work when you put it in. Then, you have to figure out why it doesn’t work or how you can replace it. If that’s the case, then you’ll incur additional expenses up front to have your equipment replaced or have a technician come fix it.

Interested in a New or Upgraded Home Security System?

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