We’re all trying to navigate best practices to keep ourselves and our families healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The CDC’s recommendations for staying safe include distancing yourself from others and staying home as much as possible. While we find new ways to adhere to health professionals’ guidelines, some solutions could be easier than you realize. Did you know your security equipment can go a long way towards enabling contact-free living?

Take a look at these examples of how you can use home security devices to facilitate contactless activity.

How to Limit Person-to-Person Contact

To avoid spreading the virus, it’s imperative to limit person-to-person contact. This is especially true for those who are at a higher risk of getting ill, such as the elderly or immunocompromised.

Here are some household security devices that can help maintain social distance to keep you and others safe and healthy:

  • Doorbell cameras. See and talk to essential workers dropping off your deliveries and mail without ever opening your door.
  • Video cameras. You may not be able to visit certain people, such as elderly family members, but a FamilyKIT camera as an addition to your security system allows you to check in visually and talk with them to verify well-being and keep in touch.
  • Personal wellness devices. An emergency button or medical pendant can grant you peace of mind that your loved ones are able to summon the appropriate personnel during an emergency, even if you cannot personally check in on them. 

How to Avoid Unnecessarily Touching Household Items

Another important safety practice is to limit and kill germs that linger on surfaces and items within your home.

Especially for individuals who have been exposed to Coronavirus or who work an essential job that requires them to leave their homes, the CDC recommends daily sanitation of high-touch surfaces, as these areas can spread germs between family members.

Luckily, the security technologies that enable your smart home ecosystem can also facilitate limited touching of some items inside your home to help keep surfaces clean:

  • Voice control: Using just your voice, you can adjust the temperature in your home, unlock doors, close the garage, turn on lights and more. There is no need to touch switches or control panels.
  • Mobile app: Your security mobile app allows you to control multiple smart devices with your phone, which means you won’t need to sanitize numerous switches and controllers. This minimizes the likelihood of sharing germs with others in your household.
  • Geofencing: Define geographical barriers for your smart devices and associate them with specific home automation actions, like turning on lights, disarming the security system and opening the garage when you pull into your driveway.

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