Voice recognition is changing the way homeowners control their security systems and carry out daily activities. It can listen, process and respond to complex voice commands, enabling users to interact with their smart devices.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have already introduced products that use voice recognition to enhance convenience and provide a seamless interface among devices. Below, we outline several ways voice controls are impacting home security and your daily life.

Daily Activities

Devices like the Amazon Echo offer voice recognition capabilities, which give users the power to verbally convey commands. Homeowners may use voice recognition to conduct the following activities hands-free:

  • Access information from the Internet.
  • Adjust the thermostat.
  • Check weather forecasts.
  • Turn on or off smart lights.
  • Control their televisions.


According to an IMS Research report, more than half of all vehicles rolled out in 2019 will have integrated voice recognition. With voice commands, drivers can mitigate distractions and control the following systems without taking their hands off the wheel:

  • Home security system. Arm or disarm your security system while traveling.
  • Navigation system. Verbally communicate your desired destination.
  • Vehicle entertainment system. Adjust the volume, or change radio stations with voice commands.


Voice recognition provides an added layer of security to homeowners. With this technology, access to security system controls can be limited to specific users

In addition, it allows users to monitor and verbally control devices whether home or in the car. Homeowners can use voice commands to:

Voice recognition offers a hands-free solution to homeowners who want a seamless interface across multiple smart devices.

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