The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created panic globally with a growing number of cases daily. COVID-19 has the American government, businesses and local communities cracking down on rules and recommendations in hopes of decreasing the number of individuals infected. Property management companies are no exception.

Here are some tips on how using automation and security through property management software can help multifamily community owners and property managers run their communities safely during these unsure times.

Managing Lockouts

Lockouts are inevitable and happen to everyone. Often, lockouts in the multifamily sector involve a resident calling the property manager or filling out a maintenance form. Smart locks allow property managers and residents peace of mind knowing that a lockout can be readily remedied.

With smart locks, residents are able to use their smart phones to unlock their apartment unit. Not having to send maintenance to unlock the resident’s door decreases face-to-face contact and allows for a quick and easy unlocking situation. 

Unattended Showings

Answer the following questions:

  • On average, how many apartment showings does your community have weekly?
  • Who attends the apartment showings in your community?
  • Do you lose out on potential residents due to showing time availability?

Although the world is slowing down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it does not stop. Leases are expiring, people are moving and apartment showings still need to take place.

Utilizing technology that allows potential residents the ability to view apartments in person without a staff member present can reduce face-to-face contact during the outbreak, let potential residents view the apartment when they are available and reduce payroll with less staff needed for showings.

Limited Access on Property

Limiting access to certain areas of your property can minimize the spread of COVID-19. Common areas such as the pool, game room, gym and other community gathering areas should have limited-to-no-access during this time.

Using a platform that allows you to control and monitor your property can grant you the ability to lock off certain areas that may be high trafficked areas by your residents.

Tips on letting residents know of limited access on property:

  • Send a community email letting residents know which areas of the property will have limited or restricted access.
  • Try and provide a timeline of when operations may be back to normal, but do not promise a specific date everything will be back to normal.
  • Be transparent and explain exactly why you are limiting access from residents.

We’re Here to Help

Property technology can be a great tool in your arsenal as we fight the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today if you have questions on how to best use it to keep your residents and staff safe during these unprecedented times.