Halloween will be here before we know it, and there’s plenty to do before the spooky holiday arrives. You may be thinking about carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, finding costumes and, most importantly, eating candy. But, are you thinking about keeping your home secure and your children safe?

Below are a few tips on how you can utilize technology to stay safe this Halloween.

1. Plan Your Route in Advance

Planning your trick-or-treating route is important for two reasons. First, it ensures you visit the homes that hand out the king-size candy bars, and secondly that you avoid unsafe houses. Use your smart phone to plot out your path in advance.

Also, consider downloading an app like Crime Reports to see the crime rate in your community and which areas to avoid.

2. Communicate With Your Child

Communication is key to a safe Halloween. Whether a smart phone or a vintage flip phone, your children should be able to communicate with you while trick-or-treating. This way, if they need a ride or get lost in the neighborhood, they have a lifeline.

3. Know Where Your Child Is

In addition to helping you stay in contact with your child, smart phones have GPS tracking capabilities. Know where your child is at all times by downloading a GPS tracking app. Examples include:

There are also GPS tracking devices your children can wear if you don’t trust them with an expensive smartphone. These wearable devices allow you to track your children in real-time either from home or through your mobile device. Here are a few to consider:

4. Keep Your Home Safe

Aside from keeping your children safe on this ghoulish night, it’s also important to secure your home. Here are a few ways to protect your home:

Take these necessary steps now to keep your children and home safe, so you can have an enjoyable Halloween.