This post was originally published on September 6, 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Did you know 127 new Internet of Things (IoT) devices connect to the Internet every second? That’s over 10 million devices each day.

However, with increased connectivity and convenience, many homeowners overlook the security risks associated with IoT devices.

Below, we provide an example of real-life smart home cyber attacks and outline security trends that teach homeowners the importance of protecting their homes.

Cyber Attacks on Smart Homes

Hacking can be easy when homeowners lack basic system security.

In fact, new research reveals how cyber criminals can hack a smart lock and easily gain entry to the home. According to the report, researchers learned they could extract a private key from the memory card on the device, making it possible for anyone to access the locks without needing a password.

In another instance, an Illinois couple heard a strange voice coming from their seven-month-old son’s bedroom. When the father went to investigate, he discovered someone had hacked into one of the family’s home security cameras and was talking to their child. The camera manufacturer insisted that the system was not breached and highlighted the importance of constantly updating devices.

How to Better Protect Your Home

Smart homes give cyber criminals another vital entry point into our daily lives—one that many homeowners don’t fully understand.

Hackers look for preventable flaws in automation systems, such as unsecured networks and outdated software. The cyber attack on the Illinois family detailed above is a prime example of three of the simple ways smart homeowners can improve system security:

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, homeowners cannot afford to leave their homes unprotected from digital threats. Any device that is connected through the IoT is susceptible to cyber attacks. Stay up to date on all security trends and subscribe to our blog for more tips and best practices for protecting your smart home.