How to Overcome Home Automation Security Concerns

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How to Overcome Home Automation Security Concerns

According to Gartner, by 2022, a typical family home could have more than 500 smart devices.

Ninety percent of consumers are motivated to buy smart technology to increase home security. But since many technologies are new, security concerns related to devices abound. Below, we share smart home automation concerns, and a checklist to help homeowners work with their security vendors to overcome them.

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Top Home Automation Security Concerns

Home automation systems can provide consumers with easy, fun and more comfortable living, but not all devices are created with security in mind. Some top concerns include:

Key Security Measures to Follow

Security is a vital piece to the connected home movement. If you are considering making your home smart, use the following checklist:

If you have questions about devices or how to set up equipment properly for maximum security, work with your vendor for help.

What home automation security concerns do you have? Share your comments below.

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