We live in a world of convenience controlled primarily through our smartphones. When we need a ride, we log into an app and voilà—a car appears outside. This post highlights some considerations when ridesharing.

There are always car safety issues associated with driving, but there are also potential home security risks when you share your address with a stranger. Although ride-hailing companies, like Uber, have implemented updates for added safety measures, it’s still important to take necessary safety precautions. Here are ways to keep your home safe when ridesharing.

Security Equipment

If you use a ridesharing service to leave your residence, your driver may know your home is unattended. If ill-intended, they could drop you off, then double back and break in. One of the most effective solutions to protect your home from ridesharing employees is to use home security equipment. Consider the following:

Minimal Information

The less information your driver can learn about your house, the better. When your driver picks you up at your house, they might be able to scope out your garage, landscaping, windows and doors while they wait.

Consider securing all entrances before they arrive and waiting for them in the driveway.

This limits the time they have to gather information. Decreasing visibility into your home is an effective way of minimizing useful information criminals can use to break-in.

Personal Safety

As you implement home security solutions, don’t forget about your own personal safety. Most ridesharing apps provide the driver rating, make and color of the car, and license plate number. Ensure you check these.

Additionally, share your location with a friend. In the event your driver takes you somewhere against your will, your friend will know your exact location. Some ridesharing apps even provide a location-sharing feature.

It’s never 100% safe to get in a car with a stranger, but using these resources to your advantage can limit the risks. And remember—always wear your seatbelt.

How do you protect yourself and your home when using a ridesharing service? Share your advice in the comments below.