The holidays can be a chaotic time that provides unique threats and challenges. Businesses must plan accordingly, as well as look ahead to the new year. Don’t end the year on a sour note. Here’s what you can do to keep your business protected during the holiday season.

Prioritize Retail Loss Prevention

The holiday season often means gifts for loved ones and friends. It is also the time businesses provide the best deals. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that both online and in-person shopping peaks during the holiday season. To help manage the influx, many retailers and suppliers hire temporary staff during this time of the year.

Inventory loss is a critical issue for many retailers and suppliers, particularly during the holidays, when shrinkage increases by 15%. Even with the increase in temporary employees, many businesses are still stretched thin. It’s difficult to manage inventory loss with security guards alone. This is where technology can help your retail loss prevention strategy.

Video surveillance is an effective deterrent against theft. Many thieves understand that most retailers are overwhelmed during the holidays, so that’s the best time for them to steal. But when your store is covered with security cameras, that adds significant risk to the crime and increases the likelihood of getting caught.

Video surveillance also helps prevent internal theft. Many businesses often overlook employees as a reason for inventory loss. It’s something that every business should address, especially retailers and suppliers who add temporary employees during the holidays. It’s always important to conduct thorough background checks on all new hires. Even office employers have to be conscious about employees taking items, so never underestimate a surveillance system’s importance.

Limit Access to Company Buildings

The holiday season generally leads to fewer employees around the office. It is an important time for business leaders to implement safety measures when the office is empty or mostly vacant. Fewer people around means it’s easier for outsiders to gain access to your building undetected. The last thing a company needs during the holidays is a breach.

First and foremost, those in the office shouldn’t be bringing guests unless approved. Likewise, locking all office doors is important. The last thing you want to do is make a burglar’s job easier for them. The simple tasks of making sure everything is locked before leaving for an extended weekend, vacation, or holiday can go a long way to protecting sensitive business information, inventory, or other assets.

An access control system is a great way to manage who enters and exits your business. You can control who has access, set specific parameters to determine which parts they can access, and set temporary permissions for guests, deliveries, etc. Accessing your business can be as simple as swiping a keycard. But without one, reliable entry becomes incredibly difficult for outsiders.

Additionally, access control can be an effective tool for managing inventory loss. A lot of retailers store most of their inventory in the back of their stores. Improper access to this part of the store can lead to significant losses. An access control system ensures only employees can enter these locations. And if an incident occurs, you’ll know who had access at the time and can use security cameras to isolate and evaluate the incident.

Consider a Strong Security Infrastructure for 2023 and Beyond

Security is the backbone of any company. By proactively prioritizing security, businesses can better manage the holiday season and protect against security threats into 2023 and beyond. Strong security infrastructure is a strategic long-term investment that ensures your businesses can withstand any future challenges that lie ahead.

Don’t let a mishap ruin the holiday cheer. Vector Security works with businesses to find the security solutions that work best for their current needs and future goals. We are here to ensure your business receives the best protection, and our team is always here to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

If you would like to learn more about Vector Security and the security solutions we provide, feel free to contact us today. From our team to yours, we would also like to wish you happy holidays!