One in 10 customers are using their Nest thermostat for more than just controlling the temperature, according to TechHive. Fans, phones, lights and more can connect to your Nest thermostat.

More than 5,000 developers are working to connect their hardware with Nest technology. The goal is to create a smart home ecosystem where Internet of Things (IoT) devices integrate seamlessly.

Below, we explain how you can pair DIY home security with your Nest thermostat.

“Works With Nest”

Nest designed a logo to easily label products that will connect with its technology. If your DIY home security system is labeled with the “Works with Nest” logo, your system will integrate to the Nest thermostat on its own. All you have to do is authorize the connection on your DIY home security provider’s website or app. It’s that simple.

DIY Home Security and Nest Together

When connected, your security system and Nest thermostat can learn from each other, and make your life more automated.

The Nest thermostat mainly focuses on saving money on your energy bill, but when paired with a DIY home security system, Nest can help keep your home safe. For example, when you leave the house, your system can lower the thermostat, ensure your smart locks are activated and arm your alarm system.

Is DIY Home Security Paired With Nest Right For You?

Fears of complicated technology, lack of privacy and ever-changing equipment can be concerns for consumers interested in this technology. However, with the right research and precautions, there is less to fear.

Work with a trusted provider who understands your smart home ecosystem. An expert can vet technology and ensure you aren’t introducing devices that will disrupt your system. Trained providers can also offer best practices on device integration to help safeguard you against cyber security hacks and poor performance.