GeekWire predicts that 8.2 million people own an Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo can be integrated with other technologies to perform more than 7,000 different “skills.” These skills can combine with your DIY home security products to make life more automated.

Below, we explain how you can utilize DIY home security and Amazon Echo in your home.

Understand The Technology

First, understand what you are working with: Alexa, a voice-controlled personal assistant, powers Amazon Echo. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the device responds to the wake word “Alexa,” unless programmed otherwise. Once awake, it begins listening to human language to discover an answer, solution or service, and respond appropriately.

DIY home security is security equipment you buy and position yourself without professional installation and maintenance. This can include alarm systems, security cameras, smart lights and more.

Once you set up your Amazon Echo to connect with your DIY home security equipment, you can go hands-free using voice commands to operate.

Apply Technology To Your Lifestyle

So, how can you benefit from DIY home security and Amazon Echo? There are many ways you can combine the two to make your life more automated.

  • Activate your alarm. Use Amazon Echo to activate your DIY alarm system without lifting a finger. Connect Amazon Echo to pair with your alarm to arm the system vocally.
  • Lock and unlock entrances. Connecting with smart locks, you can command Alexa to lock and unlock doors. If your hands are full when the kids are hopping off the bus, let Alexa know to unlock the doors for them.
  • Start surveillance camera recordings. This hands-free technology can conveniently begin recording surveillance cameras without you moving an inch. If you are off to bed and want to begin recording, there is no need to get up to do it. Just tell Alexa to start recording the security cameras for you.
  • Control smart lights. Control lights anywhere in your home by grouping smart lights together. Then, using a voice command, tell Alexa which room to turn lights on or off. Thieves can be deterred if they are easily visible.

Beyond security measures, these smart home features help make your life more convenient by truly automating your daily routine.

Be Aware of Security Risks

While this technology provides convenience and safety, it’s important to install each piece properly and use caution when choosing which DIY devices to purchase. There are cyber security and privacy concerns with both DIY home security and Amazon Echo. Homeowners fear hackers accessing their security equipment or the listening technology in Amazon Echo.

Only purchase DIY security equipment from a trusted provider, and change factory passwords immediately. When incorporating Amazon Echo with your home security equipment, keep in mind that Alexa responds to commands, not specific voices, so don’t integrate anything you wouldn’t want someone else to have the power to control. For example, Alexa should not disarm your DIY alarm system.

Take the time to select a vetted company and properly install certified equipment. Educate yourself on both security equipment and Amazon Echo before you buy.