Emergency personnel, like your local firemen and police officers, work 24/7 to protect you, your home and your community.

Make their jobs easier, and help them help you with the following tips.

1. Clearly Display Your Home’s Address

A clearly displayed house number helps emergency personnel find your home when you’re in need. Walk across the street, and drive by your home in both directions to confirm that your house number is visible.

For best results, consider the following:

  • Place your house number on both your house and mailbox.
  • On your home, your address should be close to the door within reach of a porch light. If you’re able, turn your porch light on (even during the day) to help responders locate your home.
  • Pick a color that contrasts from your home. For example, if your house is white, choose black numbers.
  • The bigger the house number, the better. Suggested type size varies by county. Many recommend house numbers be three to six inches high. Check with your county police to confirm.

2. Warn Personnel of Pets

Provide ample warning of pets on the premises through signs and decals so first responders can prepare and enter your home accordingly.

Proper signage alerts personnel to look for your pets during emergencies to bring them to safety. It also leads to a safer situation for responders. While your pets may be warm and cozy to you, they can threaten the work of emergency personnel.

Note: As a pet owner, read up on others ways to protect your furry friend in an emergency.

3. Have an In Case of Emergency Number

An In Case of Emergency (ICE) number helps emergency responders notify a designated contact of your situation in the event you are unable to do so yourself. Add a new contact to your phone and label it “ICE.” Put this same person’s contact information in your wallet close to your identification.

If possible, your ICE contact should be someone who has the authority to make a decision on your behalf, such as your next of kin.

Proactively addressing these three items will help emergency personnel respond to your situation. Do you have ideas for how to further assist in case of an emergency? Share them in the comments below.

Image Source: Brennen Bearnes via Flickr