With the high prices at many hotels and resorts at popular tourist destinations, Airbnb has risen as a more cost-effective option for many vacation goers. However, Airbnb owners are not subject to the same stringent guidelines as others in the hospitality industry.

Although Airbnb does have safety precautions put in place for both hosts and guests, peace of mind is always essential when traveling. Follow these tips to check your Airbnb for cameras upon arrival.

Understanding Airbnb’s Security Camera Policy

Airbnb does provide an extensive list of security camera guidelines for its hosts and guests. In short, hosts must disclose any security camera and its location at the listing, even if it’s not functioning or operating. Additionally, they cannot be in any private areas, such as bathrooms or bedrooms.

It is important to note that it is illegal for Airbnb hosts to intentionally hide and conceal a security camera or recording device from their guests. If you spot one, vacate the premises immediately and report the incident to Airbnb so they can blacklist the owner and pursue any additional charges if need be.

How to Find Hidden Cameras

When you arrive at the property, conduct an in-depth examination. You want to look for common hiding spots. These include top corners of rooms, entrances, private areas, electrical outlets, electronics, etc. Keep in mind that people can disguise security cameras with everyday objects, such as plants, books, toys, and curtain rods too.

There are also hidden camera detector devices you can purchase online or at your local electronic retailer. Apple even provides a hidden camera detector app for iPhone users. However, with full disclosure, neither the device nor the app is 100% effective.

Additional Airbnb Safety Tips

As with any location, you want to do your research before booking. Check the host’s reviews page and make sure there aren’t any complaints about the property or the host itself. Likewise, thoroughly inspect all the images provided. Make sure they’re not fabricated or fakes and ensure you don’t see anything suspicious.

Also, make sure the location is legitimate. A quick search on Google Maps can tell you if the address is real. You can also see if the property matches the pictures on Airbnb’s on Google Maps. And when you arrive, consider bringing a security or monitoring device with you.

If you own a home or vacation rental, you want to keep your property protected and secure. The best way to do that is to partner with a security provider. Feel free to contact Vector Security to learn more about our security systems and around-the-clock monitoring.