The newest trend in home security technology, mobile integration allows for greater control, power and accessibility over your security options.

With mobile security, gain an extra layer of protection for your residence with eyes and ears at home even when you’re not there.

The Push Toward Mobile

Smart phones have made great strides in adoption with 56% of adults in the United States owning one. It is only natural that this trend infiltrates other markets.

The technology behind smartphones opened the door for advancements in security technology, allowing for homeowners to have anytime, anywhere access.

Bring Out the Best in Your Security System

Opting into mobile solutions brings out the best in your security system. Preferred vendors offer a robust set of mobile features to put the power of instant home access in your pocket. Below are some tips to take full advantage:

Receive Alerts From Triggered Events

When a preset action has taken place within your home, you can receive push notifications to alert you of the event. For instance, select to be notified when a window is opened or a door is unlocked. All you have to do is specify the desired alerts and the days you would like them to be active in your app settings.

Automate the Arming and Disarming of Systems

Set rules such as “turn on the lights when the front door is unlocked” or “set the air conditioning to 72 degrees at 4:30pm.” With the ability to sync with your alarm system, lights, thermostat and locks, the possibilities for automation are endless.

Access Video Feeds From Anywhere

Mobile security systems are made even more powerful when paired with a video surveillance solution. Access current or archived video feeds from anywhere with your mobile device simply by logging into your account.

With mobile security, control all aspects of your home even when you are not there. A range of capabilities allow for a customized security experience and the ability to feel safe in the knowledge that you always have access to your home.

What security features would you incorporate on your smartphone?