Forty-eight years ago, 20 million Americans flooded the streets with the hopes of creating a healthier, more sustainable environment. Today, more than 192 different countries gather to celebrate the annual environmental movement known as Earth Day.

A lot has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970. New technology developments make it easier to save energy and contribute to a healthier environment. Take a look at some of the ways smart home automation can help you honor Earth Day.

1. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Why waste money and energy heating and cooling empty spaces? Honor your Earth Day commitment with a smart thermostat.

Heating and cooling make up more than half of all energy costs in a standard U.S. home. Lowering energy used to control your home’s temperature is an effective way to protect the environment and cut utility bills. Smart thermostats give users the ability to remotely control the temperature in their homes. Set an automated schedule, or change the temperature on the fly—all through your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Some smart thermostats even incorporate zoned heating and cooling options, which use multiple sensors to control the temperature by room.

2. Install Smart Lights

Forgot to turn the lights off when you left home? No problem. The days of leaving your lights on unintentionally are over.

Incorporating smart lighting into your home automation system saves energy and money on your electricity bills. Similar to smart thermostats, smart lights let you control the lights in and around your home through a mobile device. Set automated schedules, and cut back on the amount of electricity wasted on unnecessary lighting.

For even more green-convenience, consider smart lights with geo-fencing technology. Geo-fencing detects when a homeowner is in range and automatically turns lights on—adding more energy-efficient convenience for you, your wallet and the environment.

3. Centralize Control

After you’ve done your wallet and the Earth a favor by investing in home automation, ensure everything can be controlled through one central device. Whether it’s through Amazon’s Echo or another automated home assistant, centralized control ensures features are working as efficiently as possible. Contact your security vendor for a solution that fits your needs.

We’ve come a log way since the first Earth Day. Observe your commitment for a greener, more sustainable environment, and invest in home automation.

How does your home conserve energy? Share in the comments below.