Home monitoring security systems are a common staple in most modern homes. Their presence makes us feel safe in the confines of our homes and gives us the piece of mind that our family and possessions are protected.

What is at work behind these systems to make us feel so secure?Lets go through step-by-step what happens when your alarm sounds.

1. The Alarm is Triggered

Depending on the type of system you install, the alarm can be triggered by opening an entry way, movement in the house via motion sensors, a loud sound via auditory sensors, or manually. Do we want to include keypad buttons or medical pendants?

When installing a security system, your home is often categorized into zones. When a zone is violated and an alarm triggered, the system is able to recognize where in the house the action originated.

Once the alarm is triggered, an audible alarm sounds to alert you of an intruder or other emergency. The system then sends out a signal to the monitoring center.

2. The Monitoring Center is Contacted

Alarm providers have their own private monitoring centers. When your alarm goes off, emergency personnel are NOT notified immediately; your monitoring center is.

This is why having a monitoring center that operates 24/7 is crucial to your safety. Monitoring centers are equipped with highly trained professionals who are qualified to assist you through emergencies.

3. The Signal is Verified

When the signal is received by the monitoring center, an operator will call the phone number they have on file for you to verify that the alarm was not accidentally triggered. This is done to prevent false alarms and unnecessary expenses.

If they are unable able to reach you at the primary or secondary phone number provided, emergency personnel are sent to investigate the situation at hand.

4. Emergency Personnel is Dispatched

Once confirmed, the operator notifies the appropriate police station, fire department or emergency personnel. The monitoring center operator will then call any emergency contacts on file to notify them of the situation.

These procedures are in place to ensure that the people and possessions that you care most about are protected at all times.