How do you define home security in the modern age of technology?

Today’s home security systems are made up of connected devices that not only protect our well-being, but also make life more convenient. They’re called “smart” devices for a reason. Smartphones, smart lights, smart locks and even smart home security systems have become a part of everyday life.

But, the reliability of the vendor, installation and network connection all impact the security of these devices. Read on to learn how we define home security.

Non-Security Companies Introduce Smart Home Security Services

Non-traditional security companies, such as Amazon and Google, have launched lines of home security services. These packages include your basic smart home security features, such as smart lights, sensors and doorbell cameras.

Now, selling smart home security equipment is nothing new for these companies. But, there are several issues with choosing a non-security vendor as your provider.

  • These offerings do not have an ecosystem. Every device you buy comes with a separate app you must download on your phone in order to control these devices. There is usually no all-in-one app that allows you to monitor and control all your devices in one spot.
  • Technicians they send to your home for installation may not be certified or licensed. Technicians from non-security companies may not have proper training or qualifications. With traditional companies, you can rest assured knowing your technician has the proper verification needed to install your security offerings.
  • When it comes to pricing compared to traditional companies, you’ll see a difference. There is no contract, but there also isn’t any ongoing support. With non-traditional security companies, the technician is only available for installation. What happens if your system malfunctions? Who would you call? What would you do if you went the DIY route and then realized you were in over your head? It’s common for homeowners to need help with their DIY devices. Traditional companies provide the ongoing support you need for a reliable system.

For some trusting homeowners, the non-traditional security company is acceptable. But for others, a professionally monitored, installed and certified solution is the only choice.

How Vector Security Defines Home Security

We believe home security involves a professionally monitored and installed solution tailored to fit every homeowner’s specific needs. As an industry leader with over 40 years of experience, homeowners trust us to provide them with the reliable services and equipment they need to protect their loved ones. Our devices operate in a compatible ecosystem where the user has complete convenience and control using a single app. These home solutions include:

  • Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms where our 24/7 operators are standing by to alert you and the authorities of any emergency.
  • Home automation systems that allow users to monitor and control their home anytime, from anywhere.
  • Video surveillance systems that offer peace of mind, giving users the ability to view live recordings from multiple cameras simultaneously from the convenience of their smartphones.
  • Mobile solutions give you ultimate convenience and security, allowing users to control their entire systems from their mobile device.
  • Personal emergency response devices protect the safety of users, enabling them to call for help with the push of a button.

At Vector Security, we strive to provide our customers with customized intelligent security and home automation solutions. Through a network of branches and authorized dealers, we design, install and monitor complete security systems for homeowners across the nation.

Security varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle. Consider your definition of home security and contact one of our experts for a solution tailored to your needs.

How do you define home security? Share in the comments below.