The “one-size-fits-all” approach to home security doesn’t work. As you move through life, your home security needs will change.

Work with a trusted home security partner to design a program that fits your lifestyle and budget. Read on for security considerations during each of your life stages.

As Life Changes, Your Security Should Too

The Single Life. You want to spend your budget on happy hour or your next reunion ski-trip—spending on home security may not be your top priority (but, that doesn’t mean it’s not a necessity). Your active, career and social-focused lifestyle requires a security program that is convenient, reliable and fits into your mobile world.

Go on a backpacking trip or stay out all evening without worry—in the event of a fire or break-in, a monitored alarm will save precious seconds in protecting your home. The best part? The smart home application allows you to control and monitor your entire system from your mobile device.

To save money for your busy lifestyle, you may also want to consider a smart thermostat to control energy use and cut down utility costs.

Moving in Together. While you may spend more evenings snuggled up watching Netflix, you still keep busy. Between leaning in to your career, maintaining your social life and taking time to travel, home security management is as important as ever.

Much like your single days, you still need a home security program that’s easy to manage and fits into your financial plan. However, evolving assets, valuables and maybe even a pet to protect dictate the need for some enhancements.

Invest in environmental hazard monitoring to safeguard your house from water damage, and incorporate video surveillance into your program. These features will add additional layers of control and safety, and provide better peace of mind.

With a little more financial flexibility, home technology devices, such as speaker systems or two-way intercoms, may also be fun additions to your home.

Starting a Family. Having children turned your world upside down. Amidst the exciting new joys of parenthood, there is more pressure and responsibility. This stage in life is a perfect opportunity to install a complete, intelligently designed, connected home.

This is the time to work closely with your trusted provider to ensure no gaps are overlooked in your home security system. Install sensors as part of your baby-proofing program to protect your children from gun, liquor, medicine and cleaning supply cabinets. Check out the related reads below to ensure your family is completely secure:

Maintain your home security program as your children grow to keep them safe until they leave to embark on their own life milestones.

Empty Nesting and Retirement. You miss your children bustling at home, but have welcomed the free time to dine out, pick up new hobbies and travel. Whether you’re retired, or planning to retire, you’re still keeping a full schedule.

As you look at the years ahead, your health is a greater priority than ever. Luckily, aging in place has never been easier due to smart home security devices. You can program your system to allow trusted individuals, such as family and caregivers, easy access into your home. Installing video surveillance and sensors throughout the home provides improved caregiver oversight, allowing those who care for you to check in remotely or ensure you’ve remembered to take your medication.

As you age, another key service that will help you live confidently and independently: a personal emergency response system. Worn on your wrist, neck or keychain, this system is always accessible. In the event of a medical emergency, push the “Help” button at any time and a trained monitoring center operator will answer your call.

Work with your provider to ensure you have optimal years of independence, convenience and peace of mind with a complete smart home security program.

Are you embarking on a new life milestone? Contact a Vector Security professional to assess your home security system today!

Image Source: MJZ via Flickr