Bringing home a first child is an exciting moment in a couple’s life. Accompanied by all of the joy and wonderment that comes with the occasion is the understanding that your bundle of joy is dependent upon you for safety, security and his or her wellbeing.

Make your home a safe place for your child to grow and learn with the following safety precautions.

Pair Video Surveillance with Sensors

In bringing home your first child, you quickly realize the need for security and peace of mind—both of which are made possible with a home monitoring system. Tailor yours to focus on your newest family addition—your new daughter or son.

Beyond the traditional capabilities of alerting you when an entry point has been accessed, today’s home monitoring systems offer video surveillance and motion sensor options that can be particularly useful with a baby at home.

  • Integrate video surveillance to have 24/7 eyes on your child’s bedroom or play area. Surveillance technology can be used to check in on your child’s room from time to time or as a baby video monitor.
  • Pair your video solution with motion sensors. Doing so allows you to be alerted of any unusual movement in your child’s room, and quickly access the video feed to evaluate the situation.

It is important to note, video feed and child monitoring system hacking has been on the rise. When choosing a vendor, ask what steps they have taken to prevent security breaches and how you can better protect yourself as a user.

Best vendors will evaluate your home and discuss your new security needs, helping you make the best choice based on your unique situation.

Childproof Your Home

Don’t wait to childproof your home until your son or daughter is rolling over or even crawling. It is best to be prepared long before the need arises.

When childproofing your home:

  • Take note of any sharp corners
  • Install window guards
  • Cover electric sockets with guards
  • Utilize locks and/or monitoring sensors on cabinets that hold toxic liquids, cleaning supplies, medications or alcohol
  • Guard stairways with portable gates
  • Consider a toilet seat lock

The bottom line: Anything a baby laying on the ground, rolling over or waddling around can reach, should either be locked up, removed or protected against wondering hands.

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