Whether you’re upgrading your current home security system or comparing features for a new one, evaluating options can be intimidating.

Numerous factors can come into play, including your neighborhood, property size, number of residents and more. Use this post as a guide to assess your home’s security and identify improvements.

Secure the Perimeter: Outdoor Security

As you assess your home, start outside. The perimeter is the first touch point for an intruder, and therefore, an opportunity to prevent a crime from happening. Below are helpful ways to ward off intruders:

  • Fences
  • Motion triggered lights
  • Home security signs
  • Concealed trash (so as not to flaunt new expensive purchases)
  • Smart landscaping
  • Outside security cameras

Furthermore, ensure that your street address is well displayed and visible. This will aid emergency personnel should they need to find your home.

Prevent Intrusion: Entry Security

In addition, make sure that entry points are secure. Check your home to see that:

Remember, you must lock and arm your home. An idle home security system and unused locks will do little to protect you.

Protect the Core: Indoor Security

Your home holds many valuables—some replaceable, some irreplaceable. Protect your home’s interior and all it guards. If not already implemented, consider taking the following safety precautions:

  • Install sensors on valuable items
  • Strategically place safes to guard smaller valuables
  • Integrate indoor security cameras
  • Use drapes and curtains to shield belongings from prying eyes

The above suggestions will safeguard your belongings from intruders, trigger alarms when items are moved that should not be and provide resources to potentially catch perpetrators.

A thorough evaluation of your home’s security is important to the safety of your family, pets and belongings.

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Image Source: Chris Potter via Flickr