One way to ruin a vacation is a home robbery.

Think about it. You’re sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, and you get a call from the police informing you someone broke into your home. What do you do? Do you leave right away? Do you spend the rest of your vacation worrying about what you’ll find when you get home?

Don’t be that nervous wreck on vacation. Follow these simple tips to ensure your home is secure while you’re traveling.

1. Ask a Neighbor to Watch Your Home

One of the simplest ways to keep your home safe as you travel is to have a trusted neighbor or friend watch your house. Tell them what days you’ll be out of town, and ask them to drive by the house daily, if possible, and watch for suspicious activity. Provide your contact information, so they can get in touch if they see something suspicious or have any questions about your home.

Smart locks are an easy way to give your neighbor or friend access to your home. You can lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone or provide them with a unique access code to enter as needed. No keys needed.

It’s also smart to alert your neighborhood watch program when your home will be empty, so they can plan patrol routes that specifically include your home.

2. Tell the Police When You Will Be Gone

If you’ll be away for more than a week during the holidays, it’s also a good idea to notify the police. Sometimes, they will drive by your home while on patrol to ensure everything is secure. If a neighbor or friend has access to your house, give the police their information too. If they run into each other, the police will need to verify your neighbor or friend’s identity.

3. Don’t Broadcast on Social Media

You’re excited to travel and update all your friends on how much fun you’re having, but don’t make it public. Avoid broadcasting your location on the Internet.

Don’t share the details of your trip. Only tell those who need to know when you are leaving and coming back. Somebody could see you posted details on the Internet or social media platforms and take that as an opportunity to break into your home.

4. Install Security Equipment

Proper security equipment can make monitoring your empty home a lot easier as you travel during the holidays. Some best practices:

  • Use smart locks to give whoever is watching your home access.

Nothing can ruin a fun vacation more than a home robbery. Follow the four home security tips above to enjoy time with your family without worry.

Download our Vacation Safety Pocket Guide to protect your family and assets as you travel during the holidays.