Is it possible to love your smart home devices and services?

Vector Security experts certainly think so.

Smart home devices play a key role in maintaining airtight security in the home, while offering convenience and lifestyle benefits that are almost lovable.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are four reasons smart home devices have earned our special affection.


4 Smart Device Functionalities We Can’t Live Without

  1. One Centralized Mobile App. You love using your smart phone or tablet to check the weather, monitor the latest headlines, connect with loved ones and so much more.

    With one central application, homeowners can seamlessly monitor and manage their homes too. Control everything—your security system, image sensors, garage, video surveillance, locks, thermostat and lights—all at once, at any time. The application allows you to keep track of your entire connected system, whether you’re resting on your couch or vacationing across the country.

  2. Smart Watch Application. Much like the mobile application, developed the first home application for Apple Watch users last year. Wear your smart watch throughout the day, and never miss a critical update.

  3. Smart Security On Screen. Some smart home applications connect to your television via Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. While resting on the couch or cooking dinner, homeowners can keep an eye on their entire home. Watch a live feed of your sleeping baby, multiple rooms filled with bustling children, or know the exact moment when guests arrive all through your television screen.

  4. Zoned Heating and Cooling. Homeowners with smart thermostats return home to an environment that is set to their perfect temperature—regardless of the elements outside. Take the capability even further with zoned heating and cooling. Regulate temperatures according to specific room preferences. For example, keep your bedroom cozy during chilly February nights while the rest of the house cools down.

What are your favorite smart home devices and functionalities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Source: Flickr