Installing security cameras around your home is a serious investment. So it’s rational to wonder, do security cameras deter crime? And if so, are they even worth the money? You may even ask yourself: “can I just use a fake security camera to save money?”

All of these questions are seriously important to know as a homeowner considering investing. Below, we discuss the efficacy of security cameras, as well as other methods to keep your home safe and secure.

Can They Deter Crime?

Although security cameras will not prevent 100% of break-ins, they are a significant deterrent. According to ex-criminals and burglars, security cameras were the biggest deterrent when scouting homes. Most burglars are opportunists who generally try to avoid difficult break-ins, and seeing a security camera adds a significant degree of difficulty and risk.

With that being said, fake security cameras are not always a reliable option. They give the illusion of protection but don’t provide any real protection. And if potential burglars realize they’re fake, that could incentivize them to attack your home. Instead, investing in a real security camera is always the safer option.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Home

Burglars tend to target certain areas. If you’re installing security cameras, you want them to cover your home’s main entry points. These include front and back doors, garage, and windows, particularly on the first floor or basement. The more cameras you have around your home, the greater chance of reducing crimes.

Security cameras are even more effective when coupled with other crime deterring methods. These include:

Everyone’s budget is different. You don’t have to invest in every security method imaginable to be safe in your home. However, when combing security cameras with just one of the deterrents above, you can greatly increase your home’s security.

Consider Starting/Joining a Neighborhood Watch Program

If you live in a residential area, there are many benefits to a neighborhood watch program. A collective is always better than one. And with a watch program, you can build a community committed to protecting its residents. Not to mention, it can bring you closer to those living around you.

There are a lot of different ways to protect your home. With all the options available, it can be difficult deciding which ones work best for you. For more home security tips and insights from an industry leader, visit our website or contact a Vector Security expert today.