This article was previously published on February 11, 2014 and updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

As with any important purchase, it is critical to evaluate the financial cost of an item against its added benefit. The purchase of a home security system -- as well as the security provider you work with -- is one that requires careful consideration.

There are many benefits of home security systems. Initial sticker price  should not be enough to discourage you from arming your home. Yet, in many cases, bottom line benefits can be somewhat difficult to identify until homeowners experience these advantages firsthand.

Security systems provide a wide range of benefits that can easily outweigh the initial investment. In this post, we will help you manage your risk and understand the benefit of a home security system, so you can better gauge the investment against the initial and residual costs.

Security Benefits

First and foremost, let’s address the most obvious benefit from a home security system: increased safety and protection. It’s a fact that a home security system is among the most effective  deterrents among burglars. A study conducted by UNC Charlotte interviewed over 400 convicted burglars, where 60% of the participants indicated that the presence of a home security system made them choose a different target.

A home security system is a proven method to ensure safety inside your home. These systems offer around-the-clock protection against intruders and offer quick response capabilities, notifying both homeowners and the monitoring center in case of emergencies, such as break-ins, fires, or medical incidents. Additionally, the presence of security cameras can provide valuable evidence in the case of a security breach.

Peace of Mind

A home break-in can be a traumatic experience, especially if you’re inside while the attack occurs. Even if you’re not present during the attack, it can be devastating to come home with your property in shambles. Attacks are often swift, but the mental toll lingers. Paranoia and restlessness are common reactions. Some individuals even experience PTSD from break-ins.

From a Psychology Today article: "The majority of victims [of home burglaries] say they will never have the same feeling of security and inviolability that they had in the past.” The prevention of emotional damage is an overwhelmingly large benefit of owning a home security system and is one that is often overlooked.  

Security systems provide peace of mind. The knowledge your possessions are safe even when you are not home can yield great benefits for your mental health. Rather than worry while you’re away, simply check in through security logs, video feeds or alerts sent to your mobile device to see that your home is undisturbed.

Some practical examples include:

  • Working parents can watch their kids arrive home from school and enter safely inside with video and doorbell cameras.
  • Travelers can ensure that their home and family members are protected while they are away, simply by logging into their security system.
  • Should there be a fire or another emergency, monitored systems alert operators, helping to keep families, property, and even pets out of harm’s way.

These practical examples illustrate the versatility home security can provide. Security systems offer more than just physical protection; they provide peace of mind that transcends the boundaries of home security.

Financial Benefits

A home security system requires up-front and often residual monthly costs, as well as any necessary maintenance and upgrades down the line. However, there are also multiple examples on how a home security system can provide financial benefits.

To put the numbers into perspective, the average break-in costs homeowners around $2800 in damages, stolen items, etc. Not to mention, some items that could get damaged, destroyed, or stolen during robbery could be priceless to you. In many cases, the cost of a system could be insignificant in comparison to the potential loss of your possessions. With the prevalence of electronics like tablets, gaming stations, laptops and TVs, the average home is a prime target for fast cash.

Additionally, a home security system can increase your home’s property value. Home security is a hot commodity for potential home buyers. According to Consumer Reports, smart home security features can increase a home’s value up to 5%, which could equate to thousands of additional equity into your property.

What’s even better is many security systems can save you additional money by leveraging a homeowner’s insurance discount. Many companies offer discounts based on proactive prevention taken by homeowners. Overall, the numbers attest to type of investment a home security system could provide, particularly in the long run.

Commit to a Trustworthy Provider

The decision associated with a large purchase requires careful thought and consideration. One key factor you should also consider is the security provider you choose. The safety and well-being of your family and property are at stake, making it essential to thoroughly consider the services and protections offered by potential providers.

Different security companies offer varying levels of technology, response times, and support, so it's essential to find a provider whose offerings align with your specific needs and concerns. Beyond technology, trustworthiness and reputation are paramount. You are entrusting your most valuable assets to a security provider, so their track record and customer reviews should be carefully examined.

Ultimately, the right security provider should work with you to find the solutions that best fit your home, budget, and lifestyle. Choosing the right solutions and provider can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. If you’re considering investing in a home security system or just want to learn more, you can talk to a Vector Security representative by contacting us today, and we’ll be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!