Earth Day, celebrated every year on April 22, is a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate the impact everyday activities have on the environment and to implement positive change.

As a company committed to sustainability, we believe that every individual and business must play its part in achieving a greener planet.

Read on to uncover both what you can do and what we’re already doing to be good environmental stewards.

Interactive Security Services Reduce Energy Consumption

Programmable thermostats and lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. By using these interactive security features, you can manage temperature and lights remotely and create schedules to eliminate unnecessary use.

For example, the heat can automatically turn down when you are at work or asleep, or your lights can be turned off via a smartphone if accidently left on. These features make green living convenient and easy to execute, and are highly affordable.

For details on how you can create a more environmentally friendly home and cut energy consumption, read our blog post, Go Green with a Home Energy Management System.

Committed to Corporate Responsibility

In addition to helping you be more eco-friendly through our home energy management products, Vector Security also partners with manufacturers that share our environmental commitment. As a result, the products you buy from us are always built with energy efficiency in mind.

Vector Security and our product partners are committed to:

  • Efficient products and services that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sustainable business practices, such as recycling, energy-efficient heating and cooling and waste reduction.
  • Employee, partner and public education on key environmental issues.

In the quest for a healthier planet, every little action adds up. What steps are you taking this Earth day to make the world a better place?