Threats, such as employee theft, burglary, and fraud, can negatively impact your company financially. Take precautionary measures to prevent loss with the security tools noted below.

Access Controls

Regulate entry to your business with access controls. Prevent external theft, and ensure only authorized users have access to areas like the break room or stock room.

Install one of the following systems:

  • Access cards. Employees swipe a unique card to access specific areas.
  • Photo identification. Users provide photo identification at entry points.  
  • Proximity readers. Authorized personnel use a magnetic strip to access rooms.
  • Two-way intercoms. Visitors verbally state their identify to gain access.

Monitored Alarms

Know immediately if a burglary has occurred by pairing monitored alarms with image sensors and glass-break detectors.

Visual and audio alarms ward off intruders, notify emergency personnel, and allow business owners to investigate the situation and respond accordingly.

Electronic Article Surveillance

Retailers lose billions of dollars each year to preventable theft. Electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags are attached to merchandise and trigger alarms at the storefront should an attempted robbery occur. This lets business owners respond promptly to the situation and confront perpetrators onsite.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your property with video surveillance. Leverage surveillance cameras to monitor point of sale terminals, and ensure your business is running smoothly:

  • Adjust camera position and settings remotely.
  • View surveillance footage in real time.
  • Easily identify perpetrators with visual evidence.
  • Review archived videos.

Mobile Solutions

Keep tabs on your business and prevent loss while you are away by monitoring your property and controlling security settings from any web-enabled mobile device:

  • Arm or disarm the security system remotely.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked.
  • Monitor activity on and around the property.
  • Receive alerts in real-time when something is amiss.

Data Analytics and Sales Monitoring

Monitor points of sale, and collect data on customer traffic and purchasing habits to prevent loss before it happens.

With data analytics, businesses owners have the ability to:

  • Expose employee misconduct, such as theft or password misuse.
  • Flag consumer behavior, such as loitering or expired coupon use.
  • Keep a transaction record to prevent check or credit card fraud.
  • Verify a customer was present at the time of a transaction.

These security tools help to prevent loss caused by internal and external theft and fraud, potentially saving your business from a costly situation.