Did you know an average 127 devices connect to the Internet every second? That’s 457,200 new devices every hour.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has transformed the way we do business. Companies use IoT to collect actionable data for a variety of uses, including preventative maintenance for business software and automatic product upgrades and updates.

However, with more technology, there’s always an increased risk of cyber attack. Below, we explain IoT, its impact on data security and solutions to keep your business safe from hackers.

The Impact of IoT on Data Security

IoT refers to the growing network of devices that collect and share data through the Internet. Whether it’s a light bulb that functions through a smartphone app or the smart lock on your office door, you produce data every time you use a connected device.

As companies increasingly use IoT devices to generate and host data, there are more targets for hackers to exploit, gaining access to sensitive business information. This can be due to a lack of industry standards when it comes to built-in device security. IoT device manufacturers are not required to build products to meet minimum security thresholds, which makes IoT devices a prime target for cyber criminals. Always look for vendors that manufacture products with security in mind.

How to Secure IoT Devices

Your business data is extremely desirable to hackers. Financial data, employee records and consumer payment information are all valued documents they can exploit. Consider the following tips to keep your IoT devices and data secure:

We understand IoT devices can help your business work more efficiently, but you need to protect your business from risks. Contact a trusted security expert to keep your data and business secure.