The article below is in response to recent deceptive sales activities in which some security companies are engaging.

Imagine -- you are at home and someone knocks on your door. Or maybe stops you in the driveway. Or on the sidewalk. A “security company” representative (and I use this term very loosely, as you will see as this story unfolds) asks if he (or she) could “replace your yard sign” with a new one. He may want to go into your home to “replace all the batteries” in your security control panel. He may even tell you your current security provider is “no longer in business.” Or that the company he works for “bought your current security company.” Or that he is “authorized to service” your security equipment. BEWARE. These exact scenarios have happened over the past several weeks.

As an example of a recent event, Mr. Jones (we’ll call our customer), was approached by a sales rep Scam Security Company X (we’ll live up to our ethical standards and not name this company) asking if he could replace a yard sign and check batteries. However, when the Scam Security Company X representative went into the house, he replaced the entire security control panel with his company’s panel and proceeded to ask to verify payment and checking account information. Guess what? This customer was just scammed.

Don't let this happen to you!

Although this type of unethical and deceptive sales activity is currently happening only in limited areas, it could very well spread to your neighborhood. Customers are now going to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General to make official complaints against this type of unethical selling tactic and behavior.

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