Wouldn’t it be nice to control your home security system, lights, thermostat and cameras remotely? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could control all these items from one mobile app?

As technology improves, so does the opportunity for a safer, easier way to control your home automation system. This includes centralization of smart home management.

Read on for three benefits of using a single platform for all your connected devices.

1. Centralization

When you control your connected devices within a single platform, you have the ability to monitor everything all in one place.

Alarm.com, for example, lets you control your security system, image sensors, locks, garage door, video, lights, thermostat and energy management systems all from one app. This results in added convenience and flexibility.

2. One App to Update

Stay up-to-date with the latest smart home features, without the tedious task of updating individual apps one by one. A single platform means that you only have to maintain one app. This saves times, and helps assure that you always have the most recent performance, security and feature updates installed.

3. Constant, Connected Control

A centralized connection enables smart home equipment to talk to one another, so that it can work smoothly and cohesively together to meet your automation needs.

For example, set your lights to automatically turn on when you unlock your front door, or adjust your thermostat to the perfect temperature when you open your garage. With a connected app, the combination possibilities are endless!

Simplify your life by decreasing the amount of effort needed to manage your home.

What features would you implement into a centralized home automation app? Share in the comments below.

Image Source: Cheon Fong Liew