Z-Wave is the technology behind the world’s most secure smart homes. It wirelessly powers the programs that make locks, thermostats, lights and other devices cross-communicate with each other and your mobile phone.

Devices from major security brands, such as Honeywell, Schlage and Kwikset, are powered by Z-Wave, and Vector Security only recommends Z-Wave products.

Why? The Z-Wave seal of approval guarantees homeowners that their smart devices have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards of performance and security.

Why it Matters

1. Security

Unfortunately, many smart home products on the market are vulnerable, and do not include the safety or quality features your home needs. This could leave your home susceptible to device or network hacks, and even physical threats from intruders.

Z-Wave devices are certified through the Z-Wave Alliance consortium. The certification process includes “technical testing, programs for uniformity of marks, and enforcement of the certification standards.” Z-Wave also uses the same encryption as online banking, known as AES128. This offers the essential level of security needed to protect your home and assets.

2. Options

Z-Wave is the force behind “more than 1,000 interoperable products from more than 300 leading worldwide brands.” Regardless of brand, Z-Wave devices can work together seamlessly within your home. This means that you don’t have to buy all your smart home devices from the same manufacturer for them to work cohesively. For example, if your locks are from Schlage, but your security system is from Honeywell, you are able to sync devices.

Interoperability works because all certified devices are based on the common Z-Wave standard. As such, information collected from one device, such as the temperature, can be shared over the Z-Wave network to other connected devices. This enables devices to speak to each other, making a truly smarter home overall.

3. Simplicity

For non-technologists, Z-Wave products are tremendously approachable and easy to manage. While the technology behind Z-Wave is complex, managing your smart home doesn’t need to be.

Easy installation, no rewiring, cross-product compatibility and affordability are some of the key factors that differentiate Z-Wave certified devices from competitors.

Not sure if your smart home is powered by Z-Wave? Visit the Z-Wave product list to check if your devices are certified.

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Image Source: JESHOOTS