It may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but the holidays are not without their stressors.

Poor weather conditions, a full social calendar, travel and shopping can stir up tension. The Mayo Clinic even has informational sources dedicated solely to coping with holiday stress.

Learn how smart home security devices (and their mobile capabilities) can ease your family’s tension, and save on energy costs, during the busy winter months.

Use Smart Tech To Ease Holiday Headaches

Cut Energy Costs

Between gifts and parties, your family is likely on a tighter budget during the holidays. Smart lights and a smart thermostat can help you keep track of your home electricity and energy use to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Set your thermostat according to your schedule to ensure you’re not heating an empty home or over-using energy. Pre-set smart lights to a similarly. If your family decorates your home with Christmas lights, learn best practices to keep energy use low. Control all from your smartphone, and sync with geofencing capabilities for optimal flexibility.

Maintain Safety

Unfortunately, due to heightened financial and emotional stress, crime often rises during the holidays. Keep your home secure with a smart alarm, lock and video monitoring program.

As your family bustles to-and-from holiday festivities, use mobile capabilities to remotely arm (or disarm) your home security program. Lastly, enjoy peace of mind with the capability to check in at home in real-time with mobile video monitoring.

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Stay Connected

All smart home devices can be controlled through one mobile application. Use it to sync your devices with your family’s lifestyle. The application controls your security system, locks, doors, video monitoring, lights and thermostat, providing convenience and streamlined connectivity at all times.

With your smart home program intact, focus on what matters most during the holidays – spending quality time with family and loved ones.

How do you keep your home stress-free during the holidays? Share your comments below!

Image Source: tookapic via Pixabay