Toaster. Vacuum cleaner. Cookware. These are all common items found on wedding registries to help newlyweds settle into their first homes with ease.

One item that couples typically forget, however, is a home security system. Yet, a home security system is exactly what’s needed to protect the rest of your new belongings, and put your growing family at ease.

The Benefits of Home Security and Automation for Newlyweds

A home security system monitors your property, and proactively alerts you and authorities if there is suspicious activity. Mobile options can even sync directly with your smartphone, laptop or tablet for real-time, anywhere access. View video surveillance footage, arm and disarm alarm systems, and pre-set schedules all on the go.

To go beyond home security, pair monitoring programs with home automation devices—lights, locks, thermostats, etc.—to add even greater control and convenience to your new home. These devices can be set to trigger based on specific events (e.g. motion detection) or scheduled (e.g. everyday at 5 p.m.). And they can be managed from the same universal app as your home security system for greater practicality.

As you settle into your first home, these features can provide security and convenience, so that you can focus on what matters—starting a life with your new spouse.

How to Add to Your Wedding Registry

But, with wedding costs and a house downpayment, how can you afford to add one more item to the ever-growing list of purchases?

Even though home security systems aren’t sold at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or Macy’s, they can still be added to your registry. Today, wedding registries aren’t limited to just one store. Sites exist that let you add products and services of all kinds to your registry from multiple sources. A few examples are below:

  • SimpleRegistry lets you add anything to your registry that can be assigned a cost. This can include products, services or even non-tangible gifts like a cooking class.
  • MyRegistry is all-inclusive, allowing you to save items from any website, or upload pictures of offline items with notes on how to purchase. It even lets you ask for cash gifts toward a specific purchase.
  • Amazon Universal Registry lets you add items to an existing Amazon registry from any website using a browser add-on.

As you’re building your list, consider adding a home security package, or individual security devices like video surveillance cameras, smart lights or automated thermostats. You could even set up a security fund that accepts cash gifts to cover ongoing home security monitoring fees for your first year.

Remember, too, that home security and automation are long-term investments that can help you save money in utility bills and homeowners insurance later.

Are you getting married? What are some unique items on your wedding registry? Share in the comments below.

Image Source: Stewart Black