As the holidays approach, many people turn to time-honored traditions handed down generation after generation. Traditions can create a strong sense of family, community and purpose.

So, why are traditions important?

  1. They provide a sense of comfort. Because traditions are familiar, you know what to expect because the tradition has been repeated over time. There is no surprise or anything new, you have fond memories of the last time you participated and you feel a sense of security.
  2. They bring people closer together. The holidays give families a reason to come together and celebrate. Holidays may be the one opportunity to bridge the miles or other issues as everyone comes together for a common purpose.
  3. They give you a sense of belonging. Because everyone is celebrating the same tradition, you immediately have a lot in common with those around you. You are a part of the community because you know all the rituals surrounding the tradition and engage in them as a group.

Security and tradition can go hand in hand. Having a home security system provides comfort and eliminates surprises that could turn your happy event into a grinchy nightmare.

At Vector Security, our traditions can be traced back to 1752 through our parent The Philadelphia Contributionship and founding father Benjamin Franklin. His traditions serve as an ongoing inspiration: security and safety; his commitment to community; and strong family focus.