This post was originally published on July 25, 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Seeing is believing.

Today's video surveillance technologies let homeowners remotely view footage from their desktops and smartphones. The result is real-time insight into what's happening at home, which can provide peace of mind or actionable intelligence.

From a basic security standpoint, this enables you to monitor your home while away to identify threats, such as a potential intruder.

For example, you can configure your security system to receive an alert whenever activity is detected. Log in to see video footage to determine if the threat is real, and then respond appropriately. For example, an active window alarm could be the result of a burglar or a tree branch; or suspicious movement outside could be an intruder or a neighbor's dog. Real-time video lets you know immediately whether the situation is real or a false alarm, and can serve as evidence in a crime investigation.

While this capability alone is extremely valuable, the benefits and applications of remote video surveillance extend much further. In some cases, they can actually transform everyday lives because you’re connected to your home at all times.

Below, we outline eight practical video surveillance applications, all of which are possible with the right security technology.

Video Surveillance: Check In on Home and Family From Afar

  1. Curious if the kids got home from school safely? Simply log in to watch them walk through the front door, prepare a snack and start their homework.
  2. Monitor pets during the workday or while away on a trip. No longer worry about coming home to chewed couches because the dog got out while you were gone.
  3. Give your home security camera a dual role as a nanny cam. Ensure kids are cared for, safe and well-behaved when you’re away.
  4. Check in on elderly parents throughout the day. You can use your desktop or mobile device to make sure your loved ones haven’t fallen or injured themselves. You can also ensure hired caregivers treat them well.
  5. Keep tabs on teenagers left home alone. Put a stop to parties before they happen by making them aware that you can check the footage at any time.
  6. Monitor second and vacation homes from afar. Make the trip in person only when necessary. Save time, without sacrificing peace of mind.
  7. Make sure cleaning staff and other professional service providers arrive on time, do their jobs as instructed and are trustworthy in your absence.
  8. Waiting for a big package to arrive? Watch it get delivered to your front door, and then keep your eye on it until you get home.

By installing the right set of indoor and outdoor cameras, you can see what’s happening at your home, even when away. This presents both safety and convenience benefits unmatched with other systems.

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