Home security should be a worthwhile investment. Protecting your loved ones is priceless, but protecting your home with a carefully selected provider will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Follow these six tips to select the best solutions without overspending on home security products and services.

1. Identify Your Needs

Talk with a sales representative about your lifestyle and family needs so you only purchase products that will benefit you. Whether a single person, new parent, single parent, empty nester or big family member, there is a solution to fit your individual needs.

As examples, new parents may need home security cameras in their nursery to monitor their baby’s activity and watch over babysitters. Singles may prefer mobile solutions to check in on their homes remotely when traveling, working late or enjoying evenings out. Empty nesters may want more security cameras to monitor visitors as they plan to travel more often.

2. Think Long-Term

Consider what future needs may arise as kids grow or your lifestyle changes. Service packages can help save money, and provide the opportunity to invest for future changes.

Have the ability to add products or services to your package now to avoid spending more down the road. For example, if you see yourself moving in the future, find a provider who offers fair solutions that accommodate relocation.

3. Compare Cost and Quality

Find reviews for equipment and security providers to determine if a little more money will save funds in the long run. Professional installation optimizes your equipment and ensures you know how to fully operate your system. Home monitoring available 24/7 is a service worth the investment. Families whose homes were saved by operators dispatching help during fires and burglaries while they were away got more than their money’s worth.

Quality equipment with a trusted vendor is key for a wise investment.

4. Find a Problem Solver

Use a sales representative that feels more like a problem solver. See if they can discover creative solutions for camera placement instead of just adding more cameras to your home and bill. Your representative should have enough experience that they can anticipate future needs and provide suggestions on how equipment, like an additional indoor camera in a nursery, can be altered to fit your anticipated future lifestyle.

5. Avoid Overlap

Think strategically about the function of each piece to avoid overspending on equipment that serves a similar purpose. Purchasing two outdoor cameras capturing the same view may not be worth your investment. Talk to a sales representative to cut down on equipment or optimize angles. Consider integrating equipment with mobile solutions to decrease the number of devices needed that might waste time, space and money.

6. Look for Hidden Charges

Understand your home security contract to avoid hidden charges. Check to see if you are signing up for automatic contract renewals. If so, determine if there is a cancellation fee. This is one of the most common ways vendors surprise customers with hidden charges. Ensure all promises made by your sales representative are stated in the contract, and check to see if the company offers free maintenance or updates. Knowing your contract will ensure you are not surprised and disappointed down the road.